Madeline Wurst

Madeline Wurst


Squat: 275 lbs.
Clean & Jerk: 220 lbs.
Snatch: 165 lbs.
Fran: 2:15


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Madeline

Growing up I always loved being active in a a wide variety of sports. I started my athletic background with years of competitive swimming before falling in love with the sport of gymnastics, and both of these sports instilled in me an understanding about what it means to persevere and work harder than I ever thought possible for the my goals. After years of competing, when I decided to part ways I chose to combine these two activities by taking up springboard diving. I flipped between competing in diving, rock climbing, and pole vaulting to fill my competitive drive, but was missing the intensity of gymnastics. Thus, I decided to try out CrossFit and since that first fiery WOD I haven’t looked back since.

Turning Point

As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and I believe that losing things can tell us a lot about what we are blessed to have. Injuries can give us just that. Breaking my ankle during my time pole vaulting taught me a lot about how lucky I am to be  healthy and move my body. The struggle of not being as active let alone able to walk, and the journey of rehabilitation to gain function back gave me a whole new appreciation for athletics. Every sport and every workout now comes with a completely new mindset of appreciation for my body that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Losing that ability and part of me only drove my passion for fitness, wellness, and health immensely greater.

Passion & Motivation

I want to coach others so that they may also find a love for fitness and movement. Whether CrossFitting for five years or never working out a day in their life, I hope for every member to find joy in the process of reaching their goals within a supportive community.

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