Sarah Willis

Sarah Willis

Head Coach

Snatch: 150#
Deadlift: 315#
Max unbroken RMUs: 10
Max unbroken DUs: 186


Crossfit L2
Bachelors Degree in Behvioral Sciences from Metropolitan State University of Denver
Working on a Masters Degree at MTSU

About Sarah

I grew up I the beautiful state of Colorado and was very active as a kid and through my teenage years. I played soccer, did martial arts, ran track in high school, etc. but I never really found my niche. I was friends with everyone but never really felt I had a place I could fit in and thrive. That all changed when I found crossfit.

Turning Point

Self confidence has always been a struggle for me. Growing up I never felt I was good enough now matter how hard I tried. I was a straight A student, played Varsity sports, was in the Civil Air Patrol, even got my glider pilots licenses… but nothing ever made me feel whole. I spent many years trying to ‘find myself’, bouncing around from job to job, relationship to relationship… and then I was introduced to CrossFit.

Crossfit provided everything I had been searching for my entire life. It gave me personal challenges, yet allowed me to set attainable goals to actually ACHIEVE those goals. I could see the progress as time went on. It fed my competitiveness, taught me nothing replaces hard work and patience, showed me what a difference just believing in myself could make and most importantly… it taught me how to love myself. Crossfit holds a very special place in my heart, it absolutely changed my life for the better.

Passion & Motivation

Coming from a life filled with self doubt, I love coaching new members. I can see day one in their eyes their hesitation to take a chance and invent in themselves… but once the wheels start turning and progress starts, there’s nothing more filling as a coach than to see that little light bulb turn on in an athlete’s head and see them actually believe in themselves.

I also enjoy coaching advanced athletes. I crave fine tuning and critiquing form to make more efficient movements happen for an athlete.

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