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We are very excited to share our new program, MOVEMENT FOR LIFE (MFL). MFL will be offered Mondays and Fridays at 2:30PM. 

MOVEMENT FOR LIFE will be programmed and coached by Dr. Allen Buck. Many of you know Coach Buck from Little Harpeth CrossFit (formerly known as Bucks Gym). Coach Buck is in his 70’s, a practicing anesthesiologist, and a CrossFit Level 1 Coach. He has a passion for fitness, especially keeping those in their later years functioning at their highest capacity and allowing them to live life to the fullest. Dr. Buck had a tremendous impact on the entire ownership team at CrossFit Wilco in our early days of pursuing fitness. He has spent his entire career in the medical field and has multiple certifications in CrossFit, including specialization with “masters” athletes. We hold him in very high regard and are excited that he will be teaching this class 2 days a week, beginning next Monday.

MOVEMENT FOR LIFE is geared toward a population we like to refer to as the LEGENDS. It will serve not only those who are in the 60+ demographic, but also those that suffer from disease, disorder or injury. There isn’t ANYONE who couldn’t do this class and benefit from it. Your father, your grandfather, your friend from church or work… anyone who may be deconditioned, have a difficult time getting around, or simply need to maintain function as they age. They can all benefit from what Dr. Buck will offer.

62 year old Mama Belville who had double knee replacement will be there. Please tell the people in your life who need this to come give it a try.

Your first class is FREE and we will be offering $75 per month MOVEMENT FOR LIFE memberships.


Tailored for those 60 years of age +

$75 / month

First class is FREE

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