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Women Only Bootcamp
Women Only Bootcamp

We know jumping into group classes can be intimidating. This class is designed for those who are new or just beginning their fitness journey and are looking for a way to workout while under direct supervision of a certified coach to ensure proper movement patterns while still having the accountability factor of having others in class to workout with.

What to Expect

Workouts will be one hour long and are designed to get you up and moving for the entirety of class. While under the watchful eye of a certified coach, you will learn proper body weight movements, incorporate dumbbells/ kettlebells where appropriate, use rowers, bikes and ski ergs as well as other fitness equipment in a circuit style class.

This class will be included in our $99 initial first month offer for new members. Second month regular rates apply which will be the same price as our 3x a week CrossFit class ($150+tax).


No prerequisite necessary

$99 initial first month offer

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